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About Monsters

The Official Release of Disney Pixar Monsters Inc. movie was on November 2, 2001. Main characters in Disney Pixar Monsters Inc. movie are Henry J. Waternoose - a crab-like monster ; Mike Wazowski - the short, green, one-eyed monster; James P. "Sulley" Sullivan - a furry, blue, behemoth-like giant; the chameleon-like Randall Boggs; Boo - a 3 year old human child; Celia Mae - Mike Wazowski's girlfriend; Henry J. Waternoose - a major villain, the former of Monsters Inc.; Roz - the bookkeeper of the Monsters, Inc. factory; Randall Boggs - the main villain; Fungus - an assistant of Randall; Needleman and Smitty - lesser employees in factory; George Sanderson - a large monster with a single horn on his head and covered in orange fur; Charlie - George's assistant; Ms. Flint - trains the new Scarers; Thaddeus Bile - a large blue reptillian monster; Jerry - the floor manager of Sulley and Mike's Scare Floor with seven fingers on each hand; Mrs. Nesbit - look after the children; Waxford - a silent monster with five eyes;Betty - a female monster, Sulley's friend.

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Disney Monsters puzzle ecards and games

Play free Disney Monsters puzzle ecards and games. Send Disney Monsters greeting ecard from disney-bg.com now. Each Disney puzzle ecard game can have personal message. Make your friends - the Walt Disney characters' fans, happy!

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