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About Mulan

The Premiere Release of Disney movie Mulan was on June 5, 1998. Main characters in Disney movie Mulan are Chi Fu - a member of the Emperor's consul and advisor to Li Shang; Chien-Po - good-natured and inhumanly strong Imperial Army recruit, Mulan's friend; Cri-Kee - a cricket given to Mulan as an amulet; The Emperor - the target of a Hun kidnapping, saved by Mulan; Fa Li - Mulan's mother; Fa Mulan - joins the Chinese Imperial Army in her father's place; Fa Ziou - Mulan's father; First Ancestor - the head of the Fa family ancestors; General Li - Li Shang's father who was killed in a battle against the Hun army; Grandmother Fa - the grandmother of Mulan, who is encouraging her to find a husband; Khan - Mulan's horse; Little Brother - Mulan's dog; Li Shang - the son of General Li; Ling - lanky Imperial Army recruit; The Matchmaker - attempts to find Mulan a husband at the start of the film; Mushu - a dragon and one of the Fa family's guardian spirits; Shan-Yu - main villain and the head of the Hun army; Yao - short, tough Imperial Army recruit, he exhibits great proficiency with range weapons. Disney Mulan movie is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan - the heroine who joined an all-male army described in a famous Chinese poem known as the Ballad of Mulan.

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Disney Mulan puzzle ecards and games

Play free Disney Mulan puzzle ecards and games. Send Disney Mulan greeting ecard from disney-bg.com now. Each Disney puzzle ecard game can have personal message. Make your friends - the Walt Disney characters' fans, happy!

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