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About Tarzan

Disney movie "Tarzan" was released on June 18, 1999. Main Disney characters in the Tarzan movie are: Clayton - the hunter guide of Professor Porter and Jane; Jane Porter - Professor Porter's daughter; Kala - a female gorilla who saves Tarzan from Sabor and raises the boy as her own ; Kerchak - a male gorilla, Kala's husband; Professor Archimedes Q. Porter - Jane's father; Tantor - an elephant, Tarzan's friend; Tarzan - a boy whose parents were killed by Sabor and grew up with gorilas; Terkina “Terk” - a female gorila, Tarzan's friend; Sabor - a leopard who kills Tarzan parents and Kala's baby. Disney movie Tarzan is based on the story Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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Disney Tarzan puzzle ecards and games

Play free Disney Tarzan puzzle ecards and games. Send Disney Tarzan greeting ecard from disney-bg.com now. Each Disney puzzle ecard game can have personal message. Make your friends - the Walt Disney characters' fans, happy!

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